Thursday, July 7, 2011

A few thoughts from Mark

The Lowe clan has been a busy one getting ready for school to end for the kids and going to all of the end of the year festivities. Evan has done awesome in his first year of Jr. High, he has made the Honor Roll every term and all of his teachers love him, but hey, what’s not to love about Evan? He especially enjoys his art class, and his improvements in this area are evident. He had a drawing in the school art show that he drew of Ringo Star from the Beatles. This subject seems like an odd choice for a 12 year old until you learn that Mr. Furch had the boys choir, of which Evan is a part, sing a medley of Beatles songs in the spring concert. Because of this Evan has become a Beatles fan…some music just never dies.

Mason was able to wrap up his school year with a number of awards including high honors, 100% attendance, and a special recognition award from the Technology Student Association. He also performed marvelously as a member of the Choir Band. Lisa, Mason and I all agree that the Layton High School Choir groups fall considerably short of the Linton standard as evidenced by the pained look on Lisa’s face while we were at their latest concert. The band, on the other hand sounds fantastic, especially the keyboards! Honestly, the band is really good and Mason and his keyboard work compliment the group quite well. He is currently considering a choice next year of either taking Choir Band again or AP Music Theory, I lean toward the theory class, but its his decision.


Avery has continued playing softball and is getting better. No more cringing at pitches, or turning her head when the ball is thrown to her. Only a couple more weeks of this until the season ends. We have had so many rain-outs this spring that Layton City is having to stretch things out a little longer than it normally would have. Avery was also able to go on a field trip to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Brigham City with her school class, and as an added bonus her mother was able to chaperone. They had a good time watching the birds and spending time doing what Avery calls “nature type stuff.”

Lisa surprised me recently with a pair of tickets to Les Miserables which we were able to attend at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake. The production was very well done. Ok, I‘ll be the first person to say that I know, quite literally, nothing about the theater…its just a fact. I didn’t know the story of this play, musical, I’m not sure exactly what it is, but whatever it is I have to say that in all honesty during most of the first half I was completely lost. Finally, at the intermission, Lisa handed me the program with the synopsis in it and told me to read. Anyway, after reading a bit about the story everything fell into place (Lisa’s a gem). We did enjoy it despite the confusion on my part, and had a nice night out.

Well, I think that about wraps up the Lowe segment. Thanks for putting up with my lack of suave and eloquent writing.

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